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Enrico VIII in Anna Bolena

Erik Kroncke is a huge force to be reckoned with as Enrico VIII. Mr. Kroncke’s rich, powerful, and perfectly placed basso seems to effortlessly and formidably flow out of Henry VIII’s persona. A better Henry I have never witnessed.
Buzz Belmont - Houston Chronicle

Eric Kroncke is an imposing Henry VII in all performances, his basso edging toward profundo – or maybe that’s just in the monarch’s job description.
John DeMers - Houston Arts Week

Especially appealing was Kroncke's Enrico, with his cistern-deep bass and commanding stage presence.
DL Groover - Houston Press

Don Alfonso in Cosi Fan Tutte

Everett Evans - The Houston Chronicle

Eric Kroncke invests the worldly Don Alfonso with the right vocal heft and authoritative presence

Grande Inquisitor in Don Carlo

Erik Kroncke makes a frightening, monolithic Grand Inquisitor...
D.L. Groover and David Theis - The Houston Press

...other standouts are Erik Kroncke, who devotes his unrelenting bass to making the Grand Inquisitor actually frightening...
John DeMers - Houston Arts Week

Bass Erik Kroncke is a huge force to be reckoned with as the Grand Inquisitor and sings with the undoubting, frightening fervor of Mother Church...
Buzz Belmont - Houston Chronicle

As Sarastro in Magic Flute

“Erik Kroncke as Sarastro…(was) completely engaging vocally…”
Tracy Mobley-Martinez – The Gazette

Erik Kroncke portrayed a noble Sarastro, very comfortable in the lower depths of the role.”
Fred Kirshnit – The New York Sun

“…the rich basso of Erik Kroncke,… in a highlight of the performance: the famous trio in the second act of ‘Magic Flute’. You won’t hear that piece sung better anywhere.”
Tom Kane – The RiverReporter

“In playing Sarastro, bass Erik Kroncke conveys majesty in stature and dignity in persona. In an aria profoundly deep in tone, noble in spirit and clearly enunciated, his character provides assurance for the young woman.”
Marcus Kalipolites- the Times Herald-Record

As Angelotti in Tosca

“…Erik Kroncke, a convincingly disheveled Angelotti…”
Lawrence A. Johnson-The South Florida Classical Review

“Cesare Angelotti (well sung by Erik Kroncke)…”
Charles Ludlow- Sun newspapers online review

“Sólo el Angelotti de Erik Kroncke alcanzó un nivel adecuado de volumen y profunidad”
Only The Angelotti of Erik Kroncke reached an adequate level of volume and depth.
Albert H. Cohen -Ópera en Sarasota

Masetto in Don Giovanni

“Kroncke’s voice was particularly pleasant….”
Jim Pegolotti – The News –Times

“…Erik Kroncke sang and interacted delightfully…”
E. Thomas Glasow – Opera News, online edition

“…Erik Kroncke…shone as Masetto…”
David Katz – New York Stringer

As Osmin in Die Entführung

Charles Ward – The Houston Chronicle

“Bass Erik Kroncke,…made Osmin a cuddly person trying to maintain fear through bluster.”

Baron Ochs in Rosenkavalier

Nan Ransohoff - The Harvard Crimson

"Kroncke’s voice is clearly well-trained and quite colorful."

As Dr. Bartolo in Le Nozze di Figaro

Fred Kirshnit – The New York Sun

"But one player deserves special mention. Erik Kroncke's Dr. Bartolo was full-voiced, richly resonant, and remarkably in character. His is a bass of astounding depth and warm timbre.”

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